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The Garden of the Fountain Of The Gods - A Stellar Gateway.
Through the process of direct contact - and initiation at the Mother Temple - with the Goddess of Witchcraft - gnosis of the manifestation of the Garden of the Fountain of the Gods has been granted to a devotee of the Primal Witchcraft.

The formation of the Garden of the Fountain of the Gods is the manifestation of one of the Great Temple Gateways of Hecate through which the Kalas of Stellar Flame of the Supreme Dark Goddess are earthed. This reification of Hecate's Higher Star Fire - that will flow throughout the planet itself, pouring into the Dragon Lines through the dedicated and empowered temple formations created within the Garden - is a part of the process through which the planet, as the living Body of Belial, will begin to purify and cleanse itself of the toxicity and poisoning of the land caused by man. It is work in which the devotees of the Craft assist the Gods themselves in the cleansing of this living world - the interaction of Witchcraft with the living and spiritual world.

Though an intrinsic part of the Primal Current of Hecate - the Fountain of the Gods is not a Pillar of Fire. It is however an equally important part of the entire process of returning the Primal Atlantean Current to the present Aeon.

The Garden of the Fountain of the Gods is being created upon privately owned land in rural England - the ground has been broken, the first earth turned, the first trees re-planted and the locations of the individual temples gates of power have been selected. This huge project - which will reach completion within the next several years - marks the return of one of the first of the Great Stellar Gateways, Vortices and Temples of the Ancient Atlantean Craft - through which the living vibrant Flame of the Dark Queen and Her Kin will once again be earthed into the body of the Dragon.

Once manifested and fully awoken this Stellar Gate will be a place of immense power in which the rituals, work, devotion and exhaltation of the Four Great Gods of the Primal Atlantean Arte - Sepheranz, Belial, Lucifer and Hecate - may be undertaken. Ritual work from the Four Pillars of Fire such as the Temple of Ascending Flame - among many other dedications and projects - may be held here through liason with the Gatekeeper of the Garden.

Other devotees are currently seeking the correct locations and surroundings in which to create similar gateways through which we may begin to assist in the cleansing of the living planet, the body of the Great Dragon itself. There is still so much work to be done.

In the Shadow of the Trident,



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