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The Altar of Sacrifice and the Apocalyptic Keys - The Revelation of Gods.
A great deal of noise can often be heard coming from certain corners of the occult community about the affairs of the planet - from the corruption and fascism of regimes in certain so-called free countries to the poisoning of the Living Body of Belial; the very planet itself. While I am in alignment with much of what is said, I challenge the lack of action behind these words. Many of the people shrieking about the injustice of the Peak Oil Process are driving cars or even vans. Much of the call for revolution comes from people whose primary agenda is still their own bank balance - people who speak of sacrifice but have never had to make any - and worse still, armchair revolutionaries who have never seen, first-hand, the carnage of civil war. Indeed many - but not all - of the books published in occult circles referencing these subjects are nothing more than literary excercises. Meaning that they use the past work of others - woven together - as a platform from which to air their own lofty views in either agreement or disagreement of the various aspects of the Magickal and Witch Craft.

Again I say I am in alignment with many of the views of the state in which this planet is in. Therefore I ask this question: behind these words - where is the action that is often spoken of? Copying and pasting blogs illuminating those who are actually doing something does not count as action - it is simply riding the coat tails of others! My own belief is that these bold statements are nothing more than hollow words spoken by egotistical people to fuel their own self aggrandisement; people merely seeking kudos in the occult and spiritual arena.

If you purport to lead from the front then you should be seen at the front of every protest from the peaceful to the outright revolutionary. If you wish to lead from the rear or through example then you must arm those who follow yourself and your work with the means with which to engage the enemy.

There are many hollow speeches within the Witchcraft - speeches that yield no formula with which devotees of the Arte may engage the many injustices of the corrupt world and its false leaders. The common man is no match for the para-military police forces of this world, let alone the military. If people wish to use Witchcraft to effect change then they must accept that this will not be accomplished with grandiose speeches and an, "if you don't get it or know how to do it then you are not evolved enough," attitude. I am neither a Peak Oil protester nor an armchair revolutionary - I am a messenger and servant of Hecate. The message simple: The change will come upon the wave of cataclysmic events that man may, himself, initiate with the correct knowledge and application of such.

People must be given the formula with which to open Glyphs of the Gods within the Aeon of the Apocalypse - the Age of Re-Awakening. This means stepping from their own self-involved magickal bubbles and putting their faith, work, and power on the line. To do this they need to be given the gnosis, formula and Keys of Power.

Modern Witchcraft has been gelded in recent years - sanitised to be socially acceptable, fitting in with the "civilised world." This will not accomplish the task at hand.

Preventing the terrible destruction - in the name of greed - of this planet will take more than pretentious words. The world around us is burning. Modern sanitised magick will not awaken the Beast and the Dragon Goddess - this will take the bloodying of devoted hands - hands that call forth the Power of Ancients through seals - such as the Apocalyptic Keys - made from sacrificial flesh; with the Gnosis of the Primal Atlantean Craft of Hecate.

Formula such as this - for they with both the courage to test their personal power and the desire to initiate True Spiritual Revolution within the Aeon of the Apocalypse, The Age of the Light-Bearer - will be revealed within the Books of the Way of Sacrifice.

The Flames of this Sacrificial Trilogy will ignite the Gateways of the Gods across the Veils, with the release of the Altar of Sacrifice this year.

Witchcraft is nothing without the Will to act. For they with the presence of mind to and desire to act upon it, the power of such Keys will be revealed in the performance of the rites and rituals within these tomes.

Witchcraft is the Last Stronghold of True Spiritual Freedom - its Power is the Armour of the Dark Goddess and the Draconian Body of the Beast.

In Nomine Hecate,

In the Shadow of the Trident,



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