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The Witchblood Grail

The Blood of The Goddess pours from the Witch Grail, as gnosis is revealed in sacrifice, en-fleshing the Dragon's bones. The Gates of the Devil’s Throne open within Belial’s Earth for devoted souls of the Trident to feast upon Hecate's Kalas, ignited in Lucifer’s Flame, as the Great Daughter conjoins with the Body of the Beast to align inner and material planes.

This is the dawn of the Apocalyptic Aeon of the Light-bearer – it is the Age of Revelation.



The Witchblood Grail is the Second Volume of the trilogy The Way of Sacrifice.

The knowledge within this book was bestowed by the spirits of the Witchflame Arte in the name of Hecate and Her Kin. The prophecies of the Destiny of Man are woven within.

The rituals may be used collectively or be singularly adapted to the path of the individual. Independent practitioners of the Magickal Spiritual Arte will find empowerment through the rites of sacrifice and blood within this tome.

For the devotees of Primal Witchflame this is the essential companion to The Altar of Sacrifice. The rites within grant the gnosis of temple initiation and the completion of the formula of the Four Pillars of Flame - the successive performance of which en-fleshes the Bones of the Great Beast with each drop of blood, ultimately awakening and manifesting the Maw of the Dragon; opening the Gateway to the Devil's Throne.

The Witchblood Grail carries gnosis of the Dragon Flame current, ensorcelled within sacrificial blood work by the spirits of Witchcraft that dwell within Belial's Flesh. This second volume consists of the Four Inner Books of the Flesh.


Contents include:

The Book of Hecate's Initiate Blood: Rites of Initiation - the Path of the Outcast - are laid bare; Ensouling the spirit and consciousness of Belial within the Fetish Lord; Procurring and bestowing upon others The Toadstone Familiars; The completion of gnosis required to form a Temple or Coven of the Primal Arte is given.

Rites of Body and Soul: Heritage of ritual human sacrifice; The ritual incarnation of spirits and Daemons of Witchflame through human birth; Formation of the inner and physical plane Atlantean Temple of Sepheranz; The embodiment in human flesh of the Serpent God;

Communion with the Vampyric Spirits of both Dark and Full Moons to curse and bless: The formation and flight of Incubus and Succubus forms - as taught by the Spirits of the Arte - to attain sexual congress, to initiate, heal or place the malefic mark upon another from within the horned shadow, forged of blood and sacrificial flesh.

Gnosis of the Gates of Inversion, as universal prophecies, is delivered by Lucifer. The Dragon's Bones are en-fleshed; as the Gateway to the Devil's Throne is opened within the Vortices of Death, created in sacrificial offering.

The formation of The Devil's Flesh grants the ability to remove illness, sickness and malefica, or to inflict them. The Arte of Exorcism: removing unwanted entities from the flesh of others from locations or dwelling places, is granted hand in hand with the power to inflict this possessive indwelling harm. The Devil's Flesh becomes both a reservoir of bound spiritual forces, and the gate through which trapped or damned spirits may be freed.

The Witchblood Grail
Publication date: Samhain 2014



The Altar of Sacrifice - Hand-Bound Blood Pact Edition

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