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Initiation at the Mother Temple is a rare and especially select event - each one being extremely individual in its empowering and reformation of self - realigning devoted souls for the intense transmutation and forthcoming tasks within Hecate's Primal Current. During this process a select few reach the Devil's Throne, while other souls are guided upon tangential paths in preparation for this tremendous empowerment at later stages in their evolution.

The author of The Luciferian Revolution was recently allowed to share a small portion of detail from his own personal initiation taken within the Temple of Four Pillars of Fire. While far from the full experience (much detail being redacted for obvious reasons) his personal journey still makes interesting reading.

The piece can be found here:

Details of Primal Craft Initiation, The Devil's Throne and formula for the creation and opening of Temple Vortices - the reformation of the Gates of the Ancients through which the Primal Current of Ancestral Witchblood and Fire flows - may be found within the Volumes of Hecate's Primal Witchcraft. See below for current stock or visit


Complimentary course-work:

All Primal Craft books are accompanied by complimentary pdf texts containing course-work that aids self-initiation upon this path. The texts are sent out with book order confirmation. Pacts, Rites and Gnosis of The Toad Witch and The Devil's Familiar - a pdf detailing the Rites of the Toad Witch - is also presented as a complimentary text with any title purchased directly from Primal Craft. Please see below for volumes currently available in stock.

Books currently in stock:

1.THE WITCHBLOOD GRAIL: Hand-bound Dragon Flame Edition

Dragon Flame Edition: 999 volumes of superior quality hand-bound in luxurious Red Lynnel Thermo Ibis, finished with double thickness endpapers. Both covers blocked in white gold with the Gateway of The Dragon-flame Grail and the seal of The Infernal Serpent. Blood-red silk ribbon marker. The books will be beautifully fashioned with rounded spines whose head and tail bands are braced with bamboo cane that is hand-inserted during the binding process. All copies will be hand-numbered and signed.
67 €uros plus shipping.



2. THE ALTAR OF SACRIFICE : Hand-Bound Blood Pact Edition

The essential companion to The Witchblood Grail. Contains rediscovered gnosis from the Primal Witchcult of Hecate.

Handbound volume of superior quality. 400 Printed pages. Bound in luxurious Lynnel Tan Charbon. Finished with double thickness Peregrina Majestic Medal Bronze endpapers. Blocked and stamped in deep flame copper foil with the Sacred Seal of Flesh and Fur. All copies hand-numbered and signed by the author.
67 €uros plus shipping


All copies are individually hand consecrated by the author as Gateways of Primal Witchflame and portals to the source of their power - the Gods themselves. The original text is consecrated with sacrificial reptilian blood.


To purchase The Altar of Sacrifice and The Witchblood Grail together: email for payment details.

As with all previous Primal Craft Occult Publications these are once-only print runs - there will be no second edition or reprint at any time.


In the Shadow of the Trident,

In Nomine Hecate



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