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Freya Aswynn review of Queen of Hell
Freya Aswynn's review of Queen of Hell
June 5, 2010 - Saturday

Book Review "Queen of Hell" by Mark alan Smith

Queen of Hell

.. ..

By Mark Alan Smith

.. ..

This is supposed to be a book review, but as I am working with this it turned more into a personal narrative of transformation triggered off by this extraordinary work of High Magick. Marks Love and devotion just drips of the pages. I recognize this level of spiritual connectedness as it is exactly the same as I felt for Wodan especially early on.

.. ..

The magickal workings, well they work! And the invocationary poetry is sublime.

.. ..

The sigils and art work as triggering off altered states of consiousness by just looking at them I got into a painting trance! .

.. ..

This book introduces three of the most traditional viewed DarkBeings , Hecate, Lucifer and Belial.

.. ..

Amazingly they are just a kind and helpful as the ‘Light’ or as Mark prefers to call them respectfully, Empyrean forces, well Hecate is for sure. The other two I’ve kept at arms length, I’ve had a belly full of male ‘gods’, for now!

Perhaps the difference between, so called ‘Angels’ and so called ‘Demons’ is merely a matter of perspective and ‘politics’.

As below so above as well!

.. ..

For years especially as I got older, I became more aware of the need to balance of with a goddess, I tried to connect with various goddesses of the Northern Tradition, but they

never worked, now this is not due to any deficiencies or unwillingness on their side, it’s my psychology. I was birthed and brought up by the most extreme ‘Germanic’ females bitches the lot of them. Social workers; siblings; screws etc.

.. ..

Also although the Germanic goddesses are in their primordial state equals (or derivatives) of ‘Hecate’ who although the name is Greek really is a much older ultra terrestrial, they, the Germanic goddesses have been through the centuries bourgiousized into housewifes and bimbo’s. There more esoteric aspects largely overlooked.

Perhaps Heidr would be close to Hecate, something to investigate.

.. ..

A well respected friend and priestess told me in the early nineties, that “Holda would not descend because her kitchen wasn’t clean!!! That put me off for life!

.. ..

This book plugged me straight into the ‘Hecate current’ and what’s more I trust Her, I never even trusted Wodan not 100%, well you can’t he’s a shifty bugger and that made him of course most attractive. For instance try to work out whether Wodan is ‘RHP or LHP , probably both!

But I am too old to be ‘warrior’ and now I become more ‘witch’ and with all respect due I do not mean ‘Wicca’.


This is due to this book! If due to the recession you only can afford to by 1 book, this should be the one, it’s a gorgeous production cloth cover and golden Hecate Seal, it also has been consecrated, this I know for sure by the immediate effect it has one me. Many of you who read or listened to my interviews, not that ..i had ‘blockages’ towards goddesses and ancestors, well no more, apart from Magick this book also afforded me the resolution of two deep seated and long lasting psychological issues.

.. ..

Whilst getting deeply immersed in this book, I painted two paintings inspired by this book. I insert:
[This painting was done under the influence of the book: Queen of Hell by Mark Allan Smith. Before I received this book as a generous gift]

[This too was painted under the influence of queen of Hel(l)]

Freya Aswynn


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