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Asenath Mason reviews The Red King
The following review of The Red King was given by Asenath Mason, head of the Magan Lodge in Poland:

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith is the second volume in the series of grimoires channeling the power and gnosis of the Witch Gods. While the first volume, Queen of Hell, was a visionary journey to the throne of Hecate, the Supreme Dark Goddess, The Red King reveals the keys to the current of Lucifer, described by the author as the Primary Initiator and the Horned God of Witchcraft. The book itself is another beautiful edition from Ixaxaar, bound in shimmering dark blue cloth with the golden seal of Lucifer. Individually consecrated, each copy is sacred and unique, a powerful gateway to the Atlantean current.

As the sequel to the first volume, The Red King continues the mystical path of the Witch Gods and guides the practitioner through more advanced formulae and techniques of mind alchemy in order to obtain the second crown of the soul divinity, the crown of Lucifer. The first part is introductory and provides tools, incantations, and all necessary basics to attune yourself to the current and to begin this evocative and powerful path of devotion. Here you will find the rite of summoning the gatekeepers and preparing your mind to receive the flow of energy and knowledge of Lucifer’s dark gnosis by imprinting the Emerald Eye of the Witch God upon your soul. Apart from that, the author provides instructions to make special tools of the craft, such as the Gatekeeper’s Key – talisman of Surgat, the guardian spirit who holds the keys to Lucifer’s Kingdom. There is also description of how to prepare the vessel for the Devil’s Familiar through the Toad Ritual and the Skull of Lucifer which serves as a sympathetic link to the forces of the Trident. The remaining five books are called The Books of the Lost Keys of Power and explore the forgotten stellar gnosis of the Atlantean/Draconian current. The practitioner is invited to embark on a journey through the Nine Gates of the Gods which are opened within the soul and aligned with the primal stellar currents; to connect the mind to the Dragon lines of power through Belial, Prince of the Earth; to face the Dark God himself through his hidden Masks; or to travel to Hecate’s Moon through the Path of the Masters. You will have the chance to explore gateways to the Atlantean Realm and encounter the forgotten Kings of Edom who rule the worlds below the Tree of Qlipoth. The author also explores Qlipothic paths that bridge the soul to the hidden Atlantean universe. The Book of the Depths introduces us to black magic of Atlantis and describes how to summon a damned soul from the Realm of the Dead and bind it to a skull vessel in order to obtain a powerful servitor. It also reveals secrets of binding the soul through mysteries of zombification and rites of the Goddess Atropos. The last part of the book contains final rituals transforming the soul into the Temple of the Gods, fully prepared for knowledge and understanding of the Atlantean Gnosis.

It is not possible to go through each chapter in detail – they contain far too much material to discuss in a review. I can only say that this book is truly unique in many ways. You will find here a wide range of techniques of soul empowerment which elevate the spirit in a sacred communion with the Gods of the Trident. Rituals and incantations are provided with a very poetic and sublime imagery but at the same time they seem natural and spontaneous, manifesting as the creative force through the author. He also presents here a fascinating and unique cosmology and view of the traditionally recognized characters. Lucifer is seen as the prime initiator of light and gnosis, the view preceding Christian concept of the fallen angel and the archetype of the Devil. The author’s vision of Lucifer is reminiscent of ancient teachings, unique and personal, not another compilation of descriptions and ideas from other grimoires, but a work of inspired gnosis achieved through a sacred union with the described forces. The whole book is a powerful earthing of the Atlantean current, a practical exploration of the world that can be experienced only by a mind in ecstasy.

Throughout the book you will be instructed to craft and paint ritual tools such as the Wand of Belial, the Stellar Mirror, the Dragon Blade, and many others, seals, talismans, and glyphs of spirits and gateways. The path of Lucifer’s gnosis is discussed in beautiful and arcane prayers and invocations which can be incorporated into your personal system. Sigils and illustrations are gateways in their own right, they make imagination flow and evoke the sense of a mystic connection to the current. At all times you can feel the presence of genuine inspiration in the words of the author, flowing from his personal dedication, which makes the whole book a powerful and mystical way of seeing and experiencing the world in passionate communion with the forces of the Dark Side.

What must be noted, however, is that the book is certainly not for dabblers. It is a remarkably vivid account of the author’s spiritual devotion, personal discipline, passion and inspiration – and the same is required from those who wish to attempt the work with rituals described here. It is not a set of workings that can be performed now and then but a spiritual quest that might take a lifetime. Therefore, if you are not ready to step beyond the initial level of mere dabbling and put advanced disciplines into practice, this books if not for you. For a dedicated adept, though, it might become an intensely practical and transformative tool of interaction with the occult world through the union with the spirits and godforms, a powerful a grimoire of the Atlantean gnosis. --Asenath Mason


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