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Asenath Mason's review of The Scorpion God: Forbidden Wisdom of Belial.
The first review of The Scorpion God - by Asenath Mason, head of the Magan Lodge in Poland - can be read below:

Book review: The Scorpion God by Mark Alan Smith

The Scorpion God: Forbidden Wisdom of Belial by Mark Alan Smith is the third volume in the series described by the author as the Trident of Witchcraft. While the first volume, Queen of Hell, was devoted to Hecate, and the second, The Red King, channeled the gnosis of Lucifer, the third book is centered on Belial and his teachings. It contains techniques and formulas for the further transmutation of the soul which culminate the Path of Flames revealed through initiatory rites of the Witch Gods in the previous tomes. This is also the first release by Primal Craft Occult Publishing, founded recently by the author as the cornerstone for the manifestation of the Atlantean current. The book itself is as beautiful as the previous volumes in the trilogy, bound in shimmering mahogany silk with a golden seal of the Book of Forbidden Wisdom, printed on thick paper, with over 280 sigils and twelve full page illustrations. As each copy is individually consecrated by the author, the book is a tool in itself, a powerful earthing of the Atlantean current and a gateway to the timeless power of Belial.

The whole book consists of six main parts divided into subchapters which contain rituals, incantations, and particular aspects of the gnosis of the Scorpion God. On over 400 pages the author provides an enchanting grimoire channeled through his personal rites of devotion, written down in possession and inspired by the gods who teach the forgotten knowledge of the Atlantean current. Discussing the contents of the book in detail is far beyond the scope of this review, I can only make a brief overview of the whole and focus on those parts which I personally found most fascinating. The first part reveals methods and sigils which function as keys to the Atlantean realm and prepare the gateway for the Scorpion God to come and manifest through the soul of the adept, injecting venom into the spiritual body of the practitioner and transforming it into the Godform of Belial. The second chapter gives a glimpse into powers and mysteries released through the opening of the Six Towers of Belial and provides a formula which unlocks pathways to the hidden temples of the Primal Gods through the six-rayed Atlantean Star. The fourth tip of the Trident is revealed here and the practitioner is invited to undertake the Tests of Fire through the eleven Atlantean realms ruled by the Devil Goddess Sepheranz. The nature and powers of the eleven gods of Atlantean Fire are described in third and the fourth chapters of the book, and for me personally these were the most fascinating and intriguing parts. The forgotten gods can endow the adept with skills and powers that even in the occult world are still viewed as only mythical: travelling through the Veils of Time, possessing the minds and the souls of others, creating interdimensional pathways, delivering powerful curses upon enemies, commanding ancient familiar spirits, directing energies of life and death, and other knowledge that can be further used to empower the soul and to transcend the mundane limitations of flesh. Another part that immediately draws attention is The Book of the Dead in which the author presents a formula of a grimoire which channels rites and methods to work with the gnosis of Death. Through the rites of Immortal Flesh, which include works of zombification, magicians can separate souls from flesh, remove them, and possess the bodies of victims by entering them at the moment of death. The soul of the victim is either trapped in a skull vessel and used as a spiritual servitor bound to the will of the sorcerer, or it is imprisoned in the dead body of the magician, who in turn enters the victim's living flesh. This is certainly not a sort of knowledge that you can find in many other books of magic. The ritual that follows the part with death mysteries is the rite of stellar soul binding which takes the soul beyond incarnate flesh and transforms it with the energies of the Atlantean gods, preparing it to become the Godform incarnate. The last chapter is called The Book of the Final Judgement of the Soul and contains final preparations for the third Crown of Divinity which is granted by Belial, the Lord of Forbidden Wisdom.

This is the most extensive book in the trilogy and the amount of material included here is huge. The reader has to be prepared to go through the whole at least several times before processing this knowledge. Also, if you are not familiar with the previous two volumes, it will be difficult for you to delve into the subject with full understanding. It is not a random book of magic that can be picked and practiced without any prior experience. The author frequently speaks of dire consequences of taking this work lightly and failing. He openly warns that only the soul who passes all the tests will be empowered and will reach the Crown of Belial, but those who fail will be torn apart and lost forever. And as a practitioner myself, I strongly recommend to follow his advice and to get familiar with these forces through the sequential workings presented in all three volumes of the Trident. All of them are special and unique in their content and have to be approached with an open mind, as they do not present "witchcraft" in the way it is understood by the majority of the occult world. The reader has to remember that these are not repetitions of ideas from other grimoires but the gnosis channeled directly from gods and spirits, the unique expression of the author's personal path of devotion. If you are looking for another book of witchcraft with spells to make your garden grow or to bless your tea, this tome is not for you. This work is not a picnic. Gods of the Atlantean realm described here are ruthless and alien to human consciousness. Their power is primal and limitless and the spiritual communion feels like being invaded by an overwhelming force. Natural defenses are crushed and transformed in the timeless process of soul evolution when they merge with the mind of the adept. Once you open the gateways, you must be strong enough to withstand the force and to use it for growth and self-empowerment, otherwise you will be devoured. The author also openly speaks of sexual practices and blood sacrifices that are essential for some of the rites, which is still a very controversial issue in the occult world and may be quite a challenge to many potential practitioners. In other words, this is a highly advanced work in which only the devoted and the determined can succeed.

As a practitioner of Draconian magic, which is in its essence very close to the Atlantean current, I greatly enjoyed all three volumes of the Trident, but The Scorpion God is certainly special among them. This is not only an incredibly dense tome, full of information, spells and rituals, but also a visually beautiful book, with powerful illustrations and amazing, elaborate sigils, which seem alive in their depiction of the Atlantean gods and spirits. Rites, invocations and deities described here are not found in any other works of magic and constitute a completely unique and powerful grimoire. The goddess Sepheranz is highly intriguing herself and I will be personally looking forward to the next volumes to reveal more about the Queen of the Atlantean realm. It is a truly magical and spiritually inspiring book which will give you plenty of thorough information on how to work with this fascinating gnosis. And even though this is not a book for beginners, experienced practitioners will find the knowledge contained within extremely useful, exciting and challenging on their personal way to Godhood and power.


The book can be ordered from Primal Craft: http://primalcraft.com