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The last 3 years have seen the emergence of Primal Craft as the foundation through which the Gnosis of the Primal Atlantean WitchCraft has been made available to they who have heard Hecate's call. The formula of direct contact, ensorcelled within the Trident Trilogy, has already assisted many people around the world in forging successful connection to the Witchflame Gods; enhancing their spiritual evolution through direct communication.
In an age when most occult publishers seem to be more focused upon chasing the Pound – as they release ever increasing amounts of mass-market paperbacks and glorified PDF's - I am proud to announce that Primal Craft is headed in the opposite direction. Our books are already created with much love and devotion - each one being individually consecrated by myself and no other. Following this same ethos we are taking a step back in time, to an era when quality reigned over quantity. Therefore it has been decided that all forthcoming Primal Craft standard editions will now be hand-bound. The hot glue mass-binding process performed by fully automated machines is no substitute for the craftsmanship of the specialist hand-binder. This process will manifest tomes of superior quality and structure, thus ensuring greater longevity of these devotional works - books truly worthy of the Witch Gods.

The Fourth Book of the Primal Craft – The Altar Of Sacrifice – will be the first of these hand-bound standard editions and will be released next year. Special Deluxe Devotee Editions of each volume will still be created.

The Silk Bound Edition of The Scorpion God is currently still available and may be purchased by clicking onto the Primal Craft website

In accordance with the ethos of Primal Craft none of the forthcoming volumes will be re-printed or see a second edition.

The Path Of Initiation:
The Fires of Hecate's Ancient Cult have been re-ignited within both the Mother Temple in Spain – where the Primal Atlantean Current flows unbound through the Gate of Knowledge – and the first of the Pillars of Fire; now awoken in Poland. Initiations have already begun. 2013 will see an increase of initiates to both the other Temple and the Pillars of Flame.

The passing forth of the current, through both the Books of the Primal Craft and the Temple of Four Pillars of Fire - will ensure that the path is illuminated for others long after this century has passed.

In the Name of Hecate, Queen Of All Hell,
Forever Shall Her Fires Burn in the Heart and Soul of all Mankind.


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