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True Devotion
Devotion is a word that receives nearly as much lip-service as the word faith. If you are doing or offer to do something for the Gods or their work in devotion this is a wonderful thing - it is in fact a form of sacrifice. Devotion though is non-negotiable, it is an offering. Hence it is important to understand what you are involved in - be this a devoted writing (or lifetime of such) artworks or actually carrying the current; or all three. When the mundane and the trans-mundane come into conflict most people will forego devotion for their own personal wants/desires. If you do this you throw all previous devotion to the four winds. Breaking one's devotion is far worse than breaking one's word. Having initiated any act purely in devotion ( i.e. for the work) is not licence to then wave the martyr flag - for any reason - if the work is left incomplete or unfinished.


Primal Craft is nothing if not a path of devotion. Hence while each and everyone one of us has their own personal ethos, it should be noted that if you come to Primal Craft you are stepping into a current of pure devotion to the Gods - not an, "there is no God but I" arena. Therefore while there may be a certain amount of flexibility within the work it is not possible to take the current and then attempt to fashion it to your own past methods. Work it next to them by all means - but do not attempt to trim the devotion from the work in favour of simply performing magickal excercises - this will be counter-productive and dangerous. Hecate in Her Primal aspect - or Lucifer, Belial, Sepheranz, et al. for that matter - is not a Goddess you should sell short in the devotional department; She is not known for Her tolerance in that area. It is better - if this is your intention - that you find a separate path to tread; something that you yourself should know and able to ascertain quite easily beforehand. People who come only for power, or who put their personal emotions before the work of the Gods will never see the fulfillment of this path.

That said, issues arising from the above - when stood next to the imbalanced World Soul, the Apocalyptic Prophecies given in the forthcoming Altar of Sacrifice and the state of the world in which we exist - are very much storms in a very small tea-cup; it is omelette/egg syndrome - you cant make one without breaking the other - progress can be testing in the realms of good and bad decisions made. Good occultists are not hard to find - truthful, non-egotistical devotees are. We all suffer a little from our mundane traits - the art is in not letting the ego lash out in spite. You can walk all the way up to the line - but when you cross and recant on devotion, it is the Gods you betray, no-one else. Therefore if there is anyone following the Primal Current who feels a little isolated through the recent turn of events at TofAF I am happy to assist you with any work that you may otherwise be unable to attain. The needs of your Path will not be neglected.


I feel it is important in the light of recent events to highlight the seriousness of the work undertaken at the Mother Temple and, indeed, in general. The Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire is not an order, it is a gateway of empowerment. The work and pacts undertaken within this gate are very much at the level of the soul. Please understand that if you come with aspirations of opening a vortex, Pillar, Gateway etc for the Gods and are requested to make a sacrifice, that this is not something that can be circumvented metaphorically. Not everyone will be asked for this type of devotion - but it serves as the best literal example. If you make a pact to open a vortex in sacrifice and then attempt to sell the respective God short (because your higher self says you can, because your ego tells you this is fine or for whatever reason) then the Vortex will still be opened - it will remain open if you convert to Islam, Christianity or if you drop down dead - but in the place of the sacrifice your soul will be forfeit at the time of passing. This is not intended to frighten people away. It is intended to cut through the ambiguity of the modern "magick is what you want it to be" train of egotistical thought and highlight the seriousness of the work undertaken in such instances. If it was all as simple as mind-map path-work magick or Wicca 101 then everyone would be doing this and the power would not be hidden - it would be hanging from every tree branch. If you are drawn to the Primal Craft Current please ensure that if you undertake any pacts that you understand that this is soul work. It should also be blatantly obvious to all but the neophtye that if you do not perform what is agreed upon - requested or otherwise necessary - that everything that you are trying to achieve with the particular current will implode or at best fragment. Control freaks, megalomaniacs and power hungry non-devotional, eclectic rock-hoppers will end up having a rough ride - one that may be far more noticeable at the end of the flesh when it comes time to make up for late payment on pacts - if they agree to carry the Torch of Gnosis only to place their own egotistical agenda ahead of this. That said, anyone who has genuinely devoted themselves to the Trident Gods - not placing their own ego in front of such interests - will attest that, though the path can be difficult and many sacrifices are made - the rewards granted in return are unequaled.

The path is one of testing - it is arduous and some will fall - but the reward of Hecate's Embrace, the Fire of Lucifer, the Blood of Belial and Venom of Sepheranz which flows through the soul, is worth all the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice given in honour to the Gods.

Many are called - few are chosen.

In the Shadow of the Trident,



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