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THE THREE CROWNS OF DIVINITY - existing followers and newcomers.
All Temple of Ascending Flame members who wish to continue following the Path of Flame - in spiritual transmutation - in their efforts to achieve the Three Crowns of Divinity are still able to do so through Primal Craft. You will not be left high and dry in any way, shape or form. It is my understanding that you have enough of the work that I extracted - allowed to be released - and passed through TofAF to take you to the culmination of the Silver Star ritual; which will take you all into next year. Later this year I will prepare the following year's syllabus. This will bring everyone who stays the course up to the required standard in order to proceed with the work of The Scorpion God.

The assimilation of power and transmutative evolution of these rites is not necessarily a standard timescale - it is individual. Therefore each of you will need to contact me when they are ready to undertake the next phase of the work - beginning in 2014. It will then be forwarded directly to you. In the meantime I am here to assist and advise as necessary with the current work.

Initiations are possible in person at the Mother Temple for the chosen souls able to make the pilgrimage to Spain. Understand that the Mother Temple is a place of empowerment. It is not an order, Lodge or internet temple. This work is done in person - in blood. Initiation is a soul path choice - not a doorway to easy power. Those who come here do so in initiation, pact with the Gods and soul evolution. It is worth reading the piece written about Devotion in order to gain a better understanding of this. Initiations undertaken here release a rich Primal Current at soul level. The work of the Three Crowns assists those unable to reach the Mother Temple and who do not possess the first two Trident Books.

Newcomers should contact me for details.

All existing devotees of the path should rest assured - the gnosis required to bring you to the entry level of the work at the beginning of The Scorpion God is still attainable despite recent events with the Temple of Ascending Flame. As new and promising devotees emerge, Lucifer's Pillar of Fire will once again be filled - giving others a chance to rise in the eyes of the Trident. The Gateways to these empowering soul initiations lie in the Spanish Mountains and within each hand consecrated book of Trident Witchflame. The last six months are a drop in the ocean in the Grand Scheme of spiritual evolution and the necessary re-balance of the World Soul, throughout the current Apocalyptic Aeon. When the Gods intensify their message in this Age of Re-Awakening we will have far more to concern us. The work at Primal Craft has not skipped a beat - those of us committed to bringing this awareness, knowledge and power, back into the hands of man are working each day (and night) to ensure that Lucifer's Fire ignites the Torch of Hecate - illuminating the world with her Witchflame Kalas that burn brighter with each passing moment.

I can be found at

In the Shadow of the Trident,

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