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Updates: Garden Of The Fountain Of The Gods

Having made a second pilgrimage to the Mother Temple in Spain, the Gatekeeper of The Garden of The Gods undertook the Initiation of Prince of Fire on the Dark Moon. In accordance with rites of sacrifice, Witchblood and possession, the correct vortices have been opened, igniting The Garden as the Second Pillar of Fire - the Throne of Hecate manifested in the World of of Man. Gateways between realms of man, spirit  and Gods, opened by the Wandering Shades of the Garden, have been united by the Temple Dragon, now occupying this vortex through the application of these rites. The Pathways of Flame that flow beneath the Garden are now conjoined - through the Dragon Lines of the Earth - to those of the Mother Temple; this in turn connects the Garden of the Gods to the Temple of Belial. All work within The Garden now progresses within the Widdershins Vortex through which The Queen of Hell's Pillar of Flame is arisen. The Spirits and Elementals of the Garden bathe in the Kalas of the Goddess, now flowing through the earth itself. All formations of the Garden, alongside all work undertaken by the souls who pass through this Widdershins Gate - Hecate's Pillar of Fire - will be ensorcelled within this Witchflame. This is the manifestation of Hecate's Throne upon and within the Realm of Incarnate Desire - its sacred sacrificial key will be passed from Gatekeeper to Gatekeeper throughout the passage of time.

APRIL 10TH 2016:

Work on the Garden continues with the formation of various features, embankments etc as the land is fashioned in accordance with the template and instruction laid forth by Hecate. Plant machinery may not be the most spiritual sight to behold but it has become necessary to employ such elements from the new world in order to help bring this huge project closer to fruition. The size of the machinery involved and its required use reveals, in part, the magnitude of this devotional work undertaken by its Gatekeeper.

Work is currently underway to create the water feature that is a part of Garden and its four outer realms, forming four Pillars of Flame that will - in alignment with the magickal formula of the Primal Current - encirlce the fifth, central vortex. While out of my own area of expertise, I am informed that the process involves the regular moistening of the naturally occurng clay - a process that must be attended daily to ensure that the water remains in situ. Shortly plans for a borehole - to be sunk in the Garden ensuring natural water supply - will be put into action; as another large and essential piece of this mammoth project is brought into manifestation.

20160321_122116 (1).jpg
20160321_121643 (1).jpg


JUNE 2ND 2015

This phase of planting is now complete with over 2,500 trees now forming the outermost edge of The Garden of the Fountain of the Gods. Opportunistic invaders - nettles and Queen Anne's lace - have been quick to colonise the easy fertility of the mushroom compost mulch which forms a nurturing blanket around the young hedge. These have been uprooted once already but keeping the trees clear of competition will be an ongoing task over the coming months.

The old world meets the new with the use of irrigation technology that has been installed, with trickle pipes running between the double thickness of hedging plants - plants which are already growing bushy and strong from the base, though only around 4" tall.

The site is saturated with the beauty of the season and the fecundity of new growth. Without the usual swarms of rabbits feasting on the pasture, there are a number of newcomers to the site - hedge woundwort, white archangel, vetches, speedwell and burdock, along with the emergence of the deep rooted green manures that were seeded in preparation for next season's tree planting. Ancient apple grows along the existing hedge.

Young honeysuckle, winter tares and elm seeds are also hosted by the land.

Now is the time to enjoy the beauty of the place and allow Her to inspire the next phase of work. In time the Garden will begin to take shape, in accordance with the Will of Hecate. Although a project that will still take many years for the trees to reach required growth height (the finished result no doubt being passed to a family member/devotee worthy of being Keeper of this sacred Gateway) the planned layout - as bestowed by Hecate and Her Kin - for the formation of the sacred gates within Garden may be viewed in brief below:

The Grove of the Bones - The Garden of Belial

Oak, ash and hawthorn thicket - very densely planted - hung with bones, feathers, etc. Central stang topped with stag's skull. Offerings of blood, saliva, sexual fluids amongst many other offerings are especially welcome here.

The Black Grove and the Poison Pool - The Garden of Sepheranz

A grove of spreading, female yews around a still pool - ritually opened as as an otherworldly portal. Still, dark and silent, the yews ooze the poisonous air of death and rebirth.

The Grove of Fire - The Garden of Lucifer

A light, airy space with sizeable central fire pit sunk into the ground and paved around the edge for seating. Red berried trees with good autumn leaf colour to surround - rowan, bird cherry, etc.

The Meadow of the Bees - The Garden of Hecate

A wildflower meadow with hives and edged by fruit and nut bearing trees. The meadow will be seeded with sweet scented and medicinal plants such as meadowsweet, wild mint, wild thyme etc. This will need to be cut for hay each year. The Romany Wagon is to be sited here for those who wish to stay on site.

The Grove of the Pillar of Fire

A circle of small leafed lime trees surrounds an 8', three sided pillar with the symbol from the Mother Temple paved in front of it. In front of that is the Soul Mirror - a large, silvered bowl set at waist height into a stone plinth. The 4 horses skulls are placed at the 4 directions just within this Grove. The ground is covered in soft, green grass seeded with aromatic creeping herbs such as chamomile, mint and thyme and wild strawberries.

All sections are held within a mix of trees with a large proportion of silver stemmed species such as silver birth. Each area of the Garden weaves together to form the Living Fountain - a green pillar connecting the Garden to the Stellar realms. Each Witch God will have an altar within their respective spaces with opportunities for interested artists and devotees to create works to be installed within the space - either long lasting creations such as Orryelle's bronze or biodegradable offerings in wood, unfired clay, woven willow, etc...


Grass has taken root and now flourishes in what was once poorly managed earth. Now that the land is once again fertile, sustaining life, borders have been cut into the Garden. Early photographs show the land actually being ploughed in preparation for both these borders and the plantation of new trees, shrubs and flora that will give the Garden its shape - sheltering the various devotional altars, fountain and statue of Hecate, as well as the points of congress and communion with the Gods of Witchflame; all of which will be awoken at the correct time. This is a huge task undertaken by a small group of very devoted practitioners.

The following brief description, given by the Keeper of the Garden of the Fountain of the Gods, details recent work undertaken within this forthcoming gateway and the subsequent intuitive guidance received from Hecate and visions of the spiritual Guardian of the Land.

Work has begun in earnest with 55m3 of spent mushroom compost now on site. The edges of the field have been tilled ready for the hedges to be restored - this Garden will grow from the edges inward. Two concentric circles of ploughed earth show where the boundaries of the Inner Garden will be within the cushion of the woodland - the outer circle, a hedge of beech, a thick and leafy shield all year round; the inner circle, the glossy green of yew.

Garden Edge going in

The central point has been marked and, when the entrances at the compass points have been established, the embryonic Garden will be walked and worked.


I had thought that The Garden would be further along before being awakened in ritual but this is not the case. With the cutting of the circles, the eyes of The Guardian of the Fountain flicker, and the Land awakens from the clay-locked coma induced by years of mismanagement. Shovelling barrow after barrow full of compost, I sing the songs that rise up from the black earth. The sound of traffic, wind bourne from the nearby Way, deadens, and I am stood amongst trees with birds overhead and soft, rotting leaves underfoot. "I am the instrument of Thy Immortal Hand, Lady..." Slowly and surely with each passing day and season, working the land in Hecate's name, Her Garden grows.



JULY 1ST 2013:

The whips planted along the hedge-line at the end of winter are now in leaf and doing well. The site has been visited by a small team of experts to advise upon the best way to break up the clay pan which has formed across the land as a result of poor management by its previous custodians. This is in preparation for a shelter belt that will be planted to protect the Outer Sanctuary of the Garden; the layout of which is beginning to take shape. The first piece of devotional artwork - a bronze of statue of Hecate created by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule has been secured. This beautiful and potent piece will be situated in an Altar of Hecate - one of the many shrines which will be manifested across the site. Once the initial layout has been completed the Guardian Daemon of the Garden will be invoked and rooted into the very earth - its protective power intertwining with each seed, plant and tree that will - over the coming years - become a part of this living gateway.

As this long term project approaches completion, The Sapphire Gate - granted in initiation at the Mother Temple - will be carved as a living glyph into the central space of the Inner Sanctuary and paved with local stone that has been cut to shape. At the very centre of this ritually opened Gateway - a fledgling yew tree - cut and paid for with the blood of the incarnate Gatekeeper of this Garden - will be taken from one of the ancient Yew trees. A female tree will be selected as the berries can then be ritually used - with extreme care. The Yew has long been associated with life, death and rebirth. Within this Witchflame Gateway it will be the Green Fountain - the pulse point upon the World Soul, fed with blood and intent - around which the Garden of the Gods takes shape. At the rooting point of the tree there will be seeded a magickally sealed wooden fetish containing sacred objects and offerings to Hecate among various seals and objects of significance and power such as the Mother Temple Stone; connecting the Garden directly to the Temple of Four Pillars of Fire. All gateways within the Garden will be correctly opened and empowered in alignment with the instruction of the Witch Gods.
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