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The Trident and Sacrificial Trilogies

My latest work, The Witchblood Grail will be released early 2015. This groundbreaking material is both a stand alone volume and the essential ritual companion to The Altar of Sacrifice.

The Path of Self Initiation

To assist those of you who wish to walk the Path of the Initiate in solitary practice I am offering a complimentary package containing two PDF programmes: Programme One is laid out with step by step instructions and Programme Two is laid out sequentially, but requires more intuitive input from the student. The map of the Nightside from Queen of Hell is also included to assist with your work.

The PDFs contain ritual gnosis that has been extracted from the aforementioned out of print Volumes (Queen of Hell and The Red King). While far from being the whole of the books, the course does contain adequate information to bring you to a deeper level of understanding of the gnosis therein, and acts as a stepping stone to the last book of the Trident Trilogy - The Scorpion God. PDFs are no substitute for a genuine grimoire that has been consecrated as a gateway to its patron Gods. However, it is my hope that this coursework will assist those of you who missed the first two volumes of the Trident Trilogy in bridging this gap. Due to their sheer size and the advanced nature of the work within The Scorpion God and The Altar of Sacrifice, it will not be possible to repeat the same process with these volumes, therefore it is recommended that those of you considering this path secure your copy of these books while they are still in print.

This coursework will be supplied with confirmation of purchase of either The Scorpion God or The Altar of Sacrifice.


1. The Altar of Sacrifice : Hand-Bound Blood Pact Edition

The essential companion to the forthcoming 2nd Volume of The Sacrificial Trilogy - The Witchblood Grail. Contains rediscovered gnosis from the Primal Witchcult of Hecate.


Handbound volume of superior quality. 400 Printed pages. Bound in luxurious Lynnel Tan Charbon. Finished with double thickness Peregrina Majestic Medal Bronze endpapers.Blocked and stamped in deep flame copper foil with the Sacred Seal of Flesh and Fur. All copies hand-numbered and signed by the author.

67 €uros plus shipping


All copies are individually hand consecrated by the author as Gateways of Primal Witchflame and portals to the source of their power - the Gods themselves. The original text is consecrated with sacrificial reptilian blood.

As with all previous Primal Craft Occult Publications these are once-only print runs - there will be no second edition or reprint at any time.


2. The Scorpion God: Silk-Bound Edition


The last instalment and the essential companion to previous Volumes of The Trident Trilogy - The Red King and Queen of Hell.


Silk-bound book of Belial's Forbidden Atlantean Wisdom. 416 printed pages. Thick black end-papers. Gold blocked and stamped with the Atlantean Seal of the Depths. All copies hand-numbered, individually consecrated and signed by the author.

In the Shadow of the Trident,
Cast by Lucifer's Flame,
In Nomine Hecate.
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