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MAY 26 2015

After half a decade's devoted practice within the Primal Craft, the Gatekeeper of The Temple of Belial has undergone both initiation and the process of empowerment - in which immersion of the soul into the four separate kalas of the Four Pillars of Flame, and the marking of one's name in the Book of Hecate, is a necessary rite of passage - through which an incarnate soul may reform a devoted temple into one of the Four Great Pillars of Fire; connecting it through the Dragon Lines to the Mother Temple here in Spain.

Through intense work and personal devotion the Gatekeeper of Belial's Temple has now reformed and manifested the Throne of the Crown Prince of this World through the spiritual gateways of this temple - giving it both inner and physical realm structure - empowering it as a Pillar of Flame, through the realignment of the planes, with the rites of sacrifice laid out in the Primal Craft Grimoires: The Altar of Sacrifice and The Witchblood Grail.

In accordance with the Lore of Sacrifice, this is the first correctly opened and fully empowered Pillar of Fire of the Primal Witchcraft. Our congratulations go out to the Gatekeeper for his devotion to the work and the necessary honour and sacrifice given in the formation of The Throne of Belial, now manifested in this Aeon.

The Primal Craft is a living, vibrant tradition carrying the Fire of the Trident Witch Gods to the truly devoted, in the Age of Revelation.

JANUARY 12 2015

For several years now important work has been undertaken in Southern France by a devotee, Alex, who has determinedly forged a path within the Primal Craft, under Belial. In devotion, Alex has undergone the trials and tribulations of The Rite of The Phoenix and many other tests, some of which were clearly initiated by Belial Himself. I have been fortunate enough to have been a confidant and, on occasion, guide to Alex and as such have witnessed the transmutations undergone by a soul in devotion.

Of particular interest within Alex's work is the Temple of Belial - a physical and spiritual gateway secreted between mountain, cliff and sea in France - a place of communion, worship and extreme personal devotion to the Lord of Wisdom. Within the Primal Craft Current it is clear that gnosis to create this temple came directly from Belial - being given to Alex in the form of a unique transmission. The Temple of Belial is certain to become a gateway of great significance over the coming years.

TRIDENT CRAFT is the first French site dedicated to the Primal Current. It was opened as a small online presence and link to the physical Temple Gate in France. Though the site is mostly in French the blog is written in English. Alex's intensely personal experiences with Belial, the Ordeal of the Abyss, rites undertaken in isolation and the Primal Current in general will be of interest to all devotees of this Arte. People wishing to undertake regular, devotional work, exploring the Primal Craft within France should contact Alex directly through the Trident Craft site:


With Blessings,

In the Shadow of the Trident,

In Nomine Hecate,

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