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THE RED KING: The second volume of the Trident of Witchcraft
The Red King, the second volume of the work of the Trident will be published by IXAXAAR and is to be released at the beginning of Febuary 2011.

Restoring more of the lost arte of Witchcraft this tome consists of the Six Books of Lucifer which reveal the true Gnosis of this Great Horned God and Lord of Ascending Flame who ante-dates the entire Christian mythos. From the further work of the Toad Witch to the correct formula of summoning the Demon Princes, to the rites of Black Atlantean magick and the restoration of the Wisdom of the Lost Stellar Keys, the Path of Lucifer's Flame is woven throughout this book.

The book will be released in two editions: The Standard edition of 999 copies will be bound in shimmering Midnight Blue silk cloth, embossed with the seal of the Perfect Red King of Sulphur. Printed on thick high quality paper. Finished with ebony endpapers. Fifteen beautiful full page illustrations. Each copy will be individually consecrated by myself awakening the spirits within the book.

The deluxe Thaumiel Edition consists of 66 copies bound in full, blood red, goat. Gold stamped with the Cardinal Crown of Thaumiel. Gilded edges. Dark red silk ribbon. Slipcased. Each copy of this deluxe edition will be signed and sigilised by myself with ink that has been infused with my own blood before being individually consecrated in ritual binding them into the service of Lucifer.

Full details can be found by following the link below to Ixaxaar's website:



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