Primal Craft

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I follow the traditional current which fuels the primal Witchcraft of Hecate. I believe that Witchcraft, traditional or otherwise, like it's practitioners and followers is an evolving arte; for only in evolution and the exploration of new territory can we advance further upon this path. My own practices range from material plane ritual and the intense merging of mind, body and soul in the works of full possession, to the sabbatic exploration of inner plane and outer gateway. As a writer I am able to convey and express this work, enabling those who wish to explore this path to find the nescessary connections to be able to enjoy the Devotion to; and contact with; the Dark Queen and Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate.
The Ancient Craft like it's practitioners takes many forms, all are welcome to this page and none excluded. The first overview of my own journey upon this path entitled Love in the Darkness may be found within the work Devoted by Scarlet Imprint.